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One Day Tour

We start the adventure from Nueva Armenia with a journey of approximately 25 minutes to the open sea while we contemplate the different islands that we will find (Bolaños, Timon, Solitary Tree), until we reach the Cayo Cochinos Foundation, where we will receive a brief talk and start the hike. to know the famous Boa Rosada.

We will continue our journey until we reach the snorkel area which will always be guided and with its respective equipment. Finishing we will enjoy a delicious typical lunch while we share the Garifuna culture (ethnic group of the area) of its dance, language and majestic crafts.

You can enjoy an hour of free time to learn more about the island before starting our return.

what to bring



Departure: 7 am from Nueva Armenia
Tour Duration: 7 | 8 hours.
Extras: Entrance to the Island (Foundation Rate)



Change of clothes

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