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Frequent questions

  • What are the exit ports?
    We have 2 exits: From New Armenia From La Ceiba (exclusively for Tours with accommodation) One Day Tour cannot be made from the port in La Ceiba.
  • Can you bring food?
    Yes. We still recommend bringing extra money to buy drinks, food or souvenirs from the island.
  • What are the security measures of the tour?
    We have life jackets during our boat transfer, an experienced captain in the area, a hood to avoid sunstroke and weather monitoring at all times.
  • Do you have parking to leave my car?
    Yes, we have private and secure parking in Nuevo Armenia. In the case of La Ceiba, we recommend leaving the car in the hotel parking lot or a private one.
  • What kind of birds are in the area?
    We will find more than 69 species of birds, of which 14 are residents and 55 are migratory, including pelicans and the magnificent frigatebird.
  • In snorkeling, will I be able to observe various fish?
    You will be able to contemplate more than 226 species of fish between diurnal and nocturnal and approximately 128 species of coral.
  • How long is the distance between La Ceiba and Nuevo Armenia?
    Approximately 1 hour by car. It is recommended to travel by truck on the dirt road.
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